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Suncoast Citizenship Project

US Citizenship CeremonyOur UMCM Suncoast Citizenship Program provides all of the preparation you need to be successful throughout the naturalization process.  UMCM Suncoast offers free education and assistance on the path to naturalization.

UMCM Suncoast’s 20+ years of ESOL experience places us in the unique position to be the only comprehensive program including English Literacy to help you prepare for the naturalization interview.

Class Information:

Our classes focus on:

  • Civics and US History
  • English for Citizenship
  • Interview Practice and Techniques
  • Citizenship Preparation

Our program provides teacher-led classes for students needing intensive English practice, as well as classes for students who have more experience with the English language and are looking for some extra practice and review in civics, history, and interview prep in English.  We welcome and do our best to accommodate all those hoping to obtain citizenship. 

 *All our classes are English immersion so that you can have the most exposure to the language you will need to use for the naturalization interview. 


Please call or text the contact listed for each class for details about registration dates and times.  To register for class, you must take a short English placement test and bring your greencard.


Classes are two hours long and meet two times a week.  Days and times vary by location.  We do our best to hold classes outside of work hours.  Our sessions are 10 weeks long but students are welcome and encouraged to attend class longer.  Classes run year round with holidays.


  • Suncoast Citizenship Center St. Pete
    5472 58th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33709
    Call Marija:  727-222-8883
  • Largo Public Library
    120 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL 33771
    Call James:  727-244-9301
  • Largo Office
    12945 Seminole Boulevard, Building 2, Largo, FL, 33778
    Call James:  727-244-9301

Come to class and leaNaturalization at USCISrn about the requirements for citizenship, what you really need to know for the interview, and how to make the most of the resources available through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

For citizenship volunteer opportunities:

Lauren Wolf, Volunteer Engagement Manager
office: 727-754-3927