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Housing Programs

Housing Support Overview

Job loss, sudden illness, natural disaster - all can change a person's life in the blink of an eye. What was the daily mission of keeping up with expenses becomes a desperate struggle to keep a roof overhead, utilities turned on, and food on the table.  By providing emergency financial assistance when…

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Housing First Program

UMCM Suncoast adopted the Housing First model in 2016, setting goals for people seeking assistance.  While in the program, the family is being housed and supported by UMCM Suncoast.  Through participation in the program, the family learns about managing finances and budgeting and develops a long-term…

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Ready To Rent Program

UMCM Suncoast utilizes the most innovative and successful models to assist individuals and families overcome hardships in securing safe and affordable housing due to poor credit or lack of financial resources. In 1998, the Portland Housing Center began working on a housing readiness curriculum for…

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Ditty Bags

What Is a Ditty Bag A ditty bag is a small bag, used especially by sailors and armed forces personnel, to hold sewing implements, toiletries, etc. At UMCM Suncoast, we're using Ditty Bags to provide an easy way for those who are homeless or in transition to carry their personal toiletries and other…

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