Ready To Rent Program | UMCM Suncoast

Ready To Rent Program

UMCM Suncoast utilizes the most innovative and successful models to assist individuals and families overcome hardships in securing safe and affordable housing due to poor credit or lack of financial resources.

In 1998, the Portland Housing Center began working on a housing readiness curriculum for renters having difficulties finding housing due to their rental history, poor credit or their criminal background. The result is Ready to Rent, a training offered by licensed agencies and certified instructors.  TodayReady to Rent is a proven curriculum with over 30,000 graduates throughout the United States and Canada.  Using the information and skills they learned, successful graduates have found appropriate rental housing. 

UMCM Suncoast offers the training in a 4 - 6 week rental education class.  Participants are expected to complete every class and work on the personal case plan established with them by our case manager to meet their personal goals.  Through the course of the program participants learn to:

  •  Accept responsibility for past rental issues
  •  Repair credit
  •  Create a workable budget
  •  Prioritize housing needs
  •  Develop a housing search plan
  •  Understand the application and rental process
  •  Maintain appropriate housekeeping
  •  Communicate effectively with landlords
  •  Earn a Ready to Rent Certificate of Completion
The curriculum was created with the help of landlords, social service agencies and committed volunteers.
To learn more about this program, please call (727) 442-6881 Ext 1.