Housing First Program | UMCM Suncoast

Housing First Program

UMCM Suncoast adopted the Housing First model in 2016, setting goals for people seeking assistance.  While in the program, the family is being housed and supported by UMCM Suncoast.  Through participation in the program, the family learns about managing finances and budgeting and develops a long-term plan for maintaining a household budget.  Part of establishing a long-term plan is to seek and secure employment and any other social benefits that may apply to help the family gain self-sufficiency. After completing the program, the family maintains routine follow up contact with their assigned case manager on a quarterly basis.

Successful programs from around the country, such as those in Houston and Denver indicate that overall, this is a less expensive and more effective way to combat homelessness. 

For more information about the Housing First Program, please contact (727) 442-6881 Ext. 1.