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Volunteer Spotlight

What is a YAMMer?


Meet Tim 


Meet Katharine & Theresa


Meet Michelle

Isn’t a yam a sweet potato? So a YAMMer must be something you eat. Right?

It does sound like a vegetable but a YAMMer is actually a Young Adult Missional Movement (YAMM) Fellow. The fellows, or YAMMers as they are referred to, sign up to spend a year or two learning and growing both professionally and personally while helping transform the community around them.

UMCM Suncoast has had the pleasure of working with YAMMers for many years and we are, once again, welcoming a new group.

Meet our YAMMers

Tim – Coming from Pennsylvania, we are certain Tim is going to relish the Florida winter. In the meantime, he has a lot of work to do in the Fresh Initiative Supply Hub (FISH). The FISH program helps to recover fruits and vegetables from food banks, gardens and grocery stores. Items are then sorted and repackaged for small scale food pantries. Tim will work to elevate the FISH to the next level through an emphasis on more community outreach! It’s hard work, with long hours but the rewards are endless!

Theresa – It’s not easy to teach English. We have a hard time with words such as cough, through and bough. Now imagine teaching English to someone from a different culture. But that’s where Theresa comes in. She will spend the next two years working in our ESOL program helping to instruct students whose first language isn't English, in reading, writing and conversing effectively. This is no easy feat as the students come from a variety of countries meaning they don’t all speak the same first language. It's actually English immersion. 

Katharine – Originally Katharine’s assignment was to be the lead for the Summer BreakSpot program. BreakSpot was highlighted in the August eNewsletter issue. If you didn’t get a chance to read about the successes of the program, click the link: Summer BreakSpot. Katharine did such a fine job that we knew we needed to get her to work on another project. She will be working in the Families Learning Together & ESOL programs with Theresa.

Michelle – Anyone working in our Housing Assistance Program has to be sympathetic yet impartial. It’s a tough job to work with individuals and families who may be on the brink of losing their home. Michelle, originally from Argentina, is ready. She understands the difficult times people are facing but also knows that part of the job is teaching people not to fall into the same pattern that brought them to the verge of homelessness. Soon, Michelle will be teaching Ready-to-Rent classes in Spanish which will greatly expand UMCM’s educational reach!

You can meet any of our YAMMers in person by signing up to be a volunteer in any of their assigned programs. Contact our Volunteer Engagement Office at 727-754-3927 or volunteers@umcmsuncoast.org to learn more about volunteering.